Next14 Captable

A Fast Growth History

Founded in 2014 by an expert and passionate team of Co-founders, Next14’s growth has been accompanied by some of the most brilliant European digital investors, who were involved in the company as Business Angels or as First Round Investors (€ 4,5 mio raised in April 2016).

Today Next14 is the fastest-growing digital company in Italy, with € 18,3 mio revenues, € 1,8 mio EBITDA and  € 1,1 mio EBIT, registered in 2017 and more than € 30 mio revenues forecasted in 2018.

Client Centric

We operate in Italy and Spain through 9 vertical companies (6 built-up, 3 acquisitions) specialized in different areas of contemporary marketing (Strategy & Consultancy; Media Planning&Buying; Big Data Management; Content, Proximity and Retail Marketing)  that operated together in synergy for client’s best benefits.

Leadership and Talent

Next 14 has attracted some of the most respected and experienced professional in media world as leaders of the different vertical companies, where they are involved as co-founders and minority shareholders.

The solid experience of our CEOs is completed by the passion of the most brilliant emerging talents of the Italian digital arena, who are selected through a very severe selection process.

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